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Posted on Saturday, October 24, 2009
Lecture series at National Museum (Bangkok)
by Yong Peng (ypong001(a)yahoo.com) [AUS:IP logged]

NMV Introductory Lecture Series 2009
Learn more about Thai art, history, religion and culture

The National Museum Volunteers (NMV) is holding its 64th Introductory Lecture Series at the National Museum Bangkok over four consecutive Thursday mornings from 9 to 12 noon starting 29 October and on 5, 12, 19 November. All are welcome.

All lectures will be held in the National Museum which houses the largest Buddhist Art collection in Southeast Asia. You may want to tour the galleries and collections after some lunch in one of the Museum’s cafes. You can access the National Museum, which is on Naphrathat Road opposite Sanam Luang next to Thammasat University, by taxi (National Museum in Thai is: pipittipan haeng chat) or by river boat to the closest pier, Ta Chang. Limited parking is available.

NMV 64th Introductory Lecture Series 2009 program
Lecture 1: 9:30 to 10:45 (registration 9:00 am)
Lecture 2: 11:00 to 12 noon (registration 10:45 am)
Arrive by 9 am (or 10.45) for registration and refreshments.

Thursday 29 October
Perspectives on Post-1932 Thailand – Michael J. Montesano, Ph.D. Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore
An Introduction to Buddhism – Denise Tomecko, Author
Thursday 5 November
Buddhist Cosmology – Mom Rajawongse Chakrarot Chitrabongs, Patron of the Arts, Scholar, Historian
Glimpses of the Chakri Dynasty: Reigning with Righteousness – Mom Bongkojpriya Yugala na Ayutthaya
Thursday 12 November
1,500 years in 60 minutes: The Saga of Bangkok’s Evolution – Steve Van Beek, Author
Monks, Missionaries, and Monarchs: Unraveling the Myth of Anna and the King – Jane Puranananda, Consultant, Writer, Scholar
Thursday 19 November
Living Hinduism – Surya Tahora, Teacher of Indian Philosophy
Contemporary Art in Thailand: From Tomyamkung Syndrome to the Present – Khun Jeab Gridthiya Gaweewong, Artistic Director, Jim Thompson Art Center

Non-members: 400 baht per day or 1,500 baht for full series Members: 200 baht per day or 700 baht for full series

Without advance registration a seat may not be guaranteed. Please email jeancharvey@gmail.com

For further information on the full program, go to www.museumvolunteersbkk.net

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