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Posted on Saturday, January 23, 2010
Free seminar/talks on humanistic Buddhism (Guam)
by Yong Peng (ypong001(a)yahoo.com) [AUS:IP logged]

Visiting Buddhist scholars will conduct seminars on humanistic Buddhism, which makes Buddhism relevant in daily living and community life, on "A Discussion on The Reality of Perception and Understanding," 10.30am January 24 at the Fo Guang Shan Temple on Boman Street, Macheche, Barrigada.

Talks are also scheduled on "The Active Buddhist Today: Humanistic Buddhism and Contemporary Social Issues," at the University of Guam at 5.30pm January 26 at the UOG HSS building, and at 4pm January 29 at the UOG Marine Lab building's lecture room 205, on "Buddhist Views on Environmental Responsibility."

Call Jim Lim at 788-8123 or Randall Workman at 686-6988; or the temple at 637-8678/8679 for more information.

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