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Posted on Sunday, June 20, 2010
Visualizing Faith: Buddhist Art in Thailand
by Yong Peng (ypong001(a)yahoo.com) [AUS:IP logged]

Pacific Asia Museum
June 17, 2010 through January 9, 2011
In the Focus Gallery

Our series of three community-curated exhibitions, after having successfully begun with exhibitions of both Pacific Island and Philippine materials, continues with this display of Thai Buddhist art in the PAM collection. PAM is pleased to be working closely with the monastic community of the Wat Thai, in North Hollywood, one of the largest Thai Buddhist temples outside of Thailand. These projects bring a fresh perspective to our visitors and invite the community members to interact with the collection in a meaningful way, adding a contextual framework to the art. In addition, they expand the staff’s knowledge of cultural practices and the importance of art in them. We look forward to seeing the community’s vision represented in the galleries.

The exhibition is funded in part is provided by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and guest curated by the sangha, or community of monks, of Wat Thai and Melody Rod-Ari.

Pacific Asia Museum 46 North Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, Ca 91101, USA

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