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Posted on Sunday, January 06, 2008
A Pali Bulletin Board experiment
by Andy Shaw (namkeblogger(a)emsjuwel.com) [CAN:IP logged]


I've noticed that Pali information is scattered all over the web. It is becoming a bit complex (especially for beginners?) to find stuff.

Today I created an entire BBS system just for Pali to test if it might be beneficial and helpful.

The new BBS has forums for different topics (dhamma, vinaya, free dictionary projects, translators, software programmers doing Pali support, etc). I can always add more forums if there is a need.

Would this help a bit to coordinate things or is it useless? Does something like this exist somewhere on the web already?

The new BBS is at http://emsjuwel.com/pali if you wish to look at it or join and contribute.

I think that this Tipitaka network BBS shows that a BBS is very useful! Perhaps an entire BBS system with categories could also help?

One of the goals of the new BBS is to make it easier for people to create and share new content.

My apologies if this has already been done! I can delete my entire Pali BBS in one second if it is not helpful or if it already exists. Just let me know, and I will delete my BBS from the Internet!

peace from


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from Yong Peng on Tuesday, January 08, 2008 09:18:27UTC [AUS]

Hi Andy,

there are only a few "Sights and Sounds" threads at the moment. These are Mongolia, China and Myanmar. Because there is 'categories' to organise them, you find them very much in the midst of everything.

This BBS system is designed very much to
(1) complement the Yahoo! mailing list: there are many other things outside the list's scope but worthy of mention. this is the place for them.
(2) feedback about the website: Tipitaka.net does not maintain any e-mail account. Sending e-mails only gets a bounce. Any construction suggestions are welcome at this bulletin board.

As such, this bulletin board does not operate as a full forum like e-sangha. Retaining the mailing list is the wish of its many members, and there are advantages for keeping the mailing list too.

Currently, I am focusing on the final major development of our own SPACE program ;-), which will be the new homepage of this site. In fact, I have just solved a presentation problem before writing this message. It is only after completing SPACE that I will get to the others. I will probably only be able to get back to SCOPE at the later half of the year.

I hope SCOPE will eventually become one of the twin-wiki as planned, and I more than welcome contribution to SCOPE, either content editors or technical (aka web) developers. I will get back to you when I am ready for more discussion.

The text-to-speech program you mention sounds very interesting. I intend to include sound clips to words in SCOPE, as part of its development. TTS is not what I have considered. However, I am keen to learn about Pali metres and phonology. Metres is an area well-covered, Warder has an introduction in Chapter 30 of his book. And, he also wrote an entire book on Pali metres. Materials on Pali phonology probably is scattered over journals, someone will have to organise them (bibliographically). One particular area I am keen is the Pali sounds in IPA (international phonetic alphabet), including the various variants of Thai, Burmese, Sinhalese (etc.) pronunciation. If that can be worked out by linguists, I guess, your TTS tasks should be simplified.

from Andy Shaw on Sunday, January 06, 2008 15:59:50UTC [CAN]

Hi Yong Peng!

Your site is absolutely wonderful.

Where is Sights and Sounds? I can't find it on your site.

I also really like your Pali Scope! project.

I'm hoping to find someone who knows how to create a text-to-speech voice for the Pali language. The new TTS technology is extremely simple to program but there is a need for a TTS voice.

I found e-sangha last night, so on my BBS I just made a note that dhamma and vinaya discussions are best done there.

Can people contribute to your dictionary project? What is the required format?

Would you like me to create a forum just for your Pali Scope! project until you get your BBS updated? You can always move the forum later (ie I just lock it and put your new site in the description).

peace from


from Yong Peng on Sunday, January 06, 2008 11:00:41UTC [AUS]

Hi Andy,

it is nice to hear from you again. Your BBS is nice, and phpBB is a good choice. And, I would definitely not persuade you to delete it.

TNBB is constantly being developed by me. A few uneventful days in the past year have put its development at the present v0.82b. But, I plan to get on with it and head for v0.9b, probably when I am on vacation in Singapore later this month.

A major improvement planned is categories. However, it is not due until after post-beta, i.e. v1.0. But... one of the planned categories 'Sights and Sounds' already has a few threads floating around. ;-)

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