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Sunday meditation and Dharma talk (Vermont)
The Vermont Insight Meditation Center welcomes the public to its morning program on the first and third Sundays of the mont...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.11.02 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Introducing Buddhist meditation (Canada)
Led by storyteller and teacher Margo McLoughlin, the course will combine an introduction to the history of Buddhism with an...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.11.02 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Visit from Ajahn Jotidhammo (Australia)
Ajahn Jotidhammo (Tan Nico) will be arriving from Sri Lanka on Monday the 3rd of November. He is staying one month during w...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.10.31 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

WBU forum Nov 2008 (Bangkok)
Programme: WBU Sunday Forum Topic: Is there Buddhist Wisdom hidden in Gross National Happiness Date & Time: November 2, B...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.10.30 | No Reply [ View ]

UW-Stout conference centers on 'living mindfully'
University of Wisconsin-Stout will host its 12th annual Body, Mind and Spirit Conference Oct. 31 to Nov. 2, focusing on the...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.10.29 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Joseph Goldstein leads meditation (Massachusetts)
Joseph Goldstein to lead meditation and discussion on living life with an open and wise heart Joseph Goldstein is coming...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.10.28 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Saffron Revolution talk at Rutgers
For the first time, Saffron Revolution monks will speak out about the 2007 uprising in Burma/Myanmar. Rutgers University...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.10.27 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Teenager meditation introduction (Malaysia)
The Malaysia Vipassana Meditation Society is organising a one day introductory course in meditation for teenagers aged betw...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.10.21 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Weekend non-residential retreat (Canada)
Victoria October 25/26, 2008 This retreat will be appropriate for both new and experienced meditators. It will be taugh...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.10.19 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Dhammapada reading (New York)
Ellen Burstyn, Brian Cox, Linus Roache, and others give a dramatic reading based on the Dhammapada, a central text of ...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.10.13 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Free lecture (California)
University of San Francisco & Friends of Loyola Institute presents The Fall 2008 Lecture Series: Bringing Spirituality an...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.10.12 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Free lecture (Arkansas)
Thursday, October 9, 2008. 3 p.m. Holcombe Hall room 104F Asian Studies Program presents a Buddhist workshop: "Medi...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.10.08 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Cultural Heritage of Sri Lanka exhibition (Tokyo)
Cultural Heritage of Sri Lanka -- The Land of Serendipity Hyokeikan, Tokyo National Museum Ueno Park, Tokyo From ...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.10.07 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Metta meditation event (Toronto)
Metta (Or Loving-Kindness) Meditation Event The meditation will be led by Philip V. Starkman and Jim Bedard. Who: Sprin...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.09.14 | Last Post: Yong Peng 2008.10.05 [ 1 Reply ]

WBU forum Oct 2008 (Bangkok)
Programme: WBU Sunday Forum Topic: A show About Nothing Buddhism: The Last Con Date & Time: October 5, B.E. 2551(2008) 12...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.09.29 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

10th annual Oklahoma Buddhist Conference 2008
The Buddhist Association of Oklahoma presents the 10th annual Oklahoma Buddhist Conference 2008. This event is co-sponsored...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.09.28 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Free talk at Coastside Vipassana (California)
October 1, Wednesday, 7:00-8:30 pm Pt. Montara Hostel, Montara http://www.coastsidevipassana.org/ Beth Goldring, Found...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.09.27 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Go vegetarian
Top model, popular VJ and Miss India Earth 2001 poses nude to promote vegetarianism ...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.09.25 | No Reply [ View ]

Light of Berotsana Conference events (Colorado)
Light of Berotsana Conference of Translators September 26-28, 2008 Boulder, Colorado Public Events: Thinking throug...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.09.21 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

A Benefit for Cyclone Relief (New York)
Reading Burma: A Benefit for Cyclone Relief and Freedom of Expression in Burma/Myanmar With: Nobel Prize laureate Or...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.09.20 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Exhibition: The Lost Buddhas (New South Wales)
Chinese Buddhist sculpture from Qingzhou Asian Gallery, Ground Level (Australia) http://www.artgallery.nsw.g...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.08.24 | Last Post: Yong Peng 2008.09.13 [ 2 Replies ]

Shan You Charity Concert 2008 (Singapore)
Shan You Counselling Centre fundraising concert 27 September 2008 (Saturday) Hong Lim Park, Singapore Details: h...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.09.07 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

The Nirvana Tickle (Bangkok)
WBU Sunday Forum: The Nirvana Tickle Speaker: Mr. Richard Rubacher Date & Time: September 7, 2008 12.00-13.30P.M. Loca...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.09.06 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Women in American Buddhism Conference
Curious how the Buddhist path relates to the kitchen sink? Or how enlightenment is embodied in female form? This is the con...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.08.31 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Free Dhamma talks (Sri Lanka)
Ven. Ajahn Varado of Amaravati Meditation Centre, UK will conduct two Dhamma sessions at the Damrivi Foundation, Sri Lanka....
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.08.29 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

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