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Free talk at Coastside Vipassana (California)
October 1, Wednesday, 7:00-8:30 pm Pt. Montara Hostel, Montara http://www.coastsidevipassana.org/ Beth Goldring, Found...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.09.27 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Go vegetarian
Top model, popular VJ and Miss India Earth 2001 poses nude to promote vegetarianism ...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.09.25 | No Reply [ View ]

Light of Berotsana Conference events (Colorado)
Light of Berotsana Conference of Translators September 26-28, 2008 Boulder, Colorado Public Events: Thinking throug...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.09.21 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

A Benefit for Cyclone Relief (New York)
Reading Burma: A Benefit for Cyclone Relief and Freedom of Expression in Burma/Myanmar With: Nobel Prize laureate Or...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.09.20 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Exhibition: The Lost Buddhas (New South Wales)
Chinese Buddhist sculpture from Qingzhou Asian Gallery, Ground Level (Australia) http://www.artgallery.nsw.g...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.08.24 | Last Post: Yong Peng 2008.09.13 [ 2 Replies ]

Shan You Charity Concert 2008 (Singapore)
Shan You Counselling Centre fundraising concert 27 September 2008 (Saturday) Hong Lim Park, Singapore Details: h...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.09.07 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

The Nirvana Tickle (Bangkok)
WBU Sunday Forum: The Nirvana Tickle Speaker: Mr. Richard Rubacher Date & Time: September 7, 2008 12.00-13.30P.M. Loca...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.09.06 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Women in American Buddhism Conference
Curious how the Buddhist path relates to the kitchen sink? Or how enlightenment is embodied in female form? This is the con...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.08.31 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Free Dhamma talks (Sri Lanka)
Ven. Ajahn Varado of Amaravati Meditation Centre, UK will conduct two Dhamma sessions at the Damrivi Foundation, Sri Lanka....
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.08.29 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

4th National Conference on Buddhist Studies
The 4th National Conference on Buddhist Studies will be held on Saturday, August 30 and Sunday, 31 at the All Ceylon Buddhi...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.08.25 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Radio interview (Australia)
Ajahn Brahm will be interviewed on ABC's Encounter Program, on ABC Radio National Sunday 24 August, 7.10am Topic: Peace...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.08.23 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

The Legend of Buddha (animation)
The Legend of Buddha (2004) Director: Shamboo S Falke Music Director: Bharadwaj R Production: Pentamedia Graphics Limi...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.07.12 | Last Post: Yong Peng 2008.08.16 [ 3 Replies ]

Free Dhamma talk (Bangkok)
Dhamma Talk in English, with Thai translation by Sayadaw U Jotika Thursday 31st of July Bodhgaya Hall - close to Chi...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.07.30 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

鳳凰颱風逐漸逼近台灣 慈濟成立協調中心
First Post: 永平 2008.07.26 | Last Post: Yong Peng 2008.07.28 [ 3 Replies ]

Meditation center open house (Washington)
The Northwest Vipassana Center and meditation instructor S.N. Goenka will host an open house on Sunday, July 27, from noon ...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.07.26 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Jesus is Buddha
Interesting website on CLT: http://www.jesusisbuddha.com/ Happy family. Buddhists are seniors to Christians!...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.07.13 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Pali Language BBS updated and moved
Hi; The Pali Language Bulletin Board (where the unofficial work on the CST4 dictionary is being done)has been updated an...
First Post: Andy Shaw 2008.04.09 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

佛光山製作 「佛國之旅」 將推出DVD
First Post: 永平 2007.02.25 | Last Post: 永平 2008.02.16 [ 1 Reply ]

CST4 open dictionary supports HTML formatting
Hi; I just found out that the CST4 dictionary file supports HTML formatting in the dictionary entries. This is wonderful...
First Post: Andy Shaw 2008.01.11 | Last Post: Yong Peng 2008.01.13 [ 1 Reply ]

Google Book Search
Preview these books online: In the Buddha's Words: An Anthology of Discourses from the Pāli Canon http://books.google....
First Post: Yong Peng 2007.06.20 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Tricycle: Found in Translation
Dr. Peter Masefield belongs to that rare breed of scholars who thrive on translating ancient Buddhist texts into English. A...
First Post: Yong Peng 2007.02.23 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

The Buddhist Scrolls
The transcripts of a 2-part interview with Mark Allon of the University of Sydney on Australia's ABC Radio in March/April 2...
First Post: Yong Peng 2007.01.01 | No Reply [ View ]

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