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Thank you for your support of the bulletin board
Tipitaka Network officially discontinue the support for the bulletin board. All new messages will no longer be accepted....
First Post: Yong Peng 2011.07.08 | No Reply [ View ]

Join us on Facebook
Tipitaka Network now has a Facebook page. Facebook is a social media website which allows users to interact in a di...
First Post: Yong Peng 2011.05.28 | No Reply [ View ]

UKABS Annual Conference 2009 (London)
UK Association for Buddhist Studies Conference 2009 The UK Association for Buddhist Studies is hosting a conference o...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.06.13 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Chula University talk (Bangkok)
Lecturer: Prof Ravindra Kumar Topic: Knowledge, Logic and Exercise: Three Fundamentals of Buddhism in the Process of Glo...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.06.07 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

An evening with Joseph Goldstein (Montreal)
Date: Jun 13, 2009 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm Presented by: True North Insight Cost: $30 Type: Lecture Style: Vipassana (514) 4...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.06.06 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Seminar: The Abode of a Naga King (California)
A CISA Seminar presented by Robert DeCaroli Monday, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM 10383 Bunche Hall Los Angeles, CA 9009...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.05.31 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

WBU June Forum 2009 (Bangkok)
WBU Sunday Forum Date & Time: June 7, 2009, 12:00-13.30P.M. Speaker: Dr. Tavivat Puntarigvivat About the Speaker:...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.05.30 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

A day of loving kindness (California)
Lovingkindness, Compassion & Reconciliation A One Day Retreat Saturday, : registration at 8:30am No registration fee ...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.05.24 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Buddhist book group (Arizona)
Antigone Books, 411 N. Fourth Ave. Tucson, Arizona Discussing the first half of "The Best Buddhist Writing 2008" by Mel...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.05.23 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Buddhism in Silla Korea (California)
UCLA Presents: By Professor Jongmyung Kim Academy of Korean Studies Monday, 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM 11377 Bunche ...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.05.17 | No Reply [ View ]

Singing the Dharma (California)
"Singing the Dharma" with Eve Decker and Betsy Rose Join two artists whose lives and music are steeped in the dharma for...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.05.16 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

United Nations Vesak Conference 2009 (Bangkok)
ICUNDV Conference 2009 May 4-6, 2009 Bangkok, Thailand info: http://www.icundv.com/...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.05.02 | Last Post: Yong Peng 2009.05.11 [ 1 Reply ]

UN Day of Vesak Observance 2009 (Melbourne)
Melbourne Town Hall Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Saturday 9 May, 2009 2:00-4:30pm This a free event and provid...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.05.03 | No Reply [ View ]

The Wisdom of Sustainability (Hawaii)
MACC and Ala Kukui Present... McCoy Studio Theater Monday, 6:00pm Nobel Peace Prize nominee Sulak Sivaraksa and H...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.04.20 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

International Buddhist Film Festival 2009 (London)
The International Buddhist Film Festival comes to London in May, offering films from across the world with a Buddhist touch...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.04.19 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Bhikkhu Bodhi on Engaged Buddhism (California)
Thursday, in Berkeley, 7-9 pm "In Search of an Authentic Engaged Buddhism: Voices from Ancient Texts, Calls from the M...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.04.16 | No Reply [ View ]

Exhibition: Pakistan's Buddhist legacy (Germany)
Pakistan's Buddhist Legacy Legends, Monasteries and Edens Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin To the Western viewer the B...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.04.12 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

An evening with Bhikkhu Bodhi (California)
A benefit for the Buddhist Global Relief and IMSB Karuna Funds Tuesday, 7:30 to 9:00 pm Edwards Hall of St. Timothy‚Ä...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.04.11 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Mindfulness, Love & Relationship (New York City)
In Buddhism, the issue of relationship represents more than how we get along with lovers, family, or friends. It explores t...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.03.29 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

With One Voice (presentation)
This is a fundraiser event. Matthew Flickstein, author and former monk, will be giving a presentation on his spiritual d...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.03.22 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Dhamma talk and meditation (North Carolina)
Bhante U Jotika Bhivamsa, Buddhist monk and Pali scholar, will hold Dhamma talks and meditation sessions from 1-3 p.m. Marc...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.03.07 | Last Post: SADIP BARUA 2009.03.16 [ 1 Reply ]

Lecture: The birth of Buddha (Michigan)
"The Birth of Buddha" will be discussed Tuesday , by Donald S. Lopez, the Arthur E. Link Distinguished University Professo...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.03.15 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Meditation workshop (Bangkok)
Workshop: Insight and Concentration Meditation with Thai monk Phra Wimoak Saturday March 28, 2009 In English Free of ...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.03.14 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

1-day mindfulness meditation retreat (Canada)
Date: 14 Mar 2009 9:00am - 5:00pm Cost: $10.00 Location: The Quaker House 60 Lowther Ave (2 blocks north of Bloor St....
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.03.01 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Lecture: The Buddha as a businessman (California)
UCLA 106th Faculty Research Lecture Gregory Schopen Professor of Asian Languages and Cultures Lecture at 3:00p...
First Post: Yong Peng 2009.02.28 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

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