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Help Cyclone Nargis victims
MSF first response in Myanmar to Nargis cyclone MSF teams in Yangon have started a first emergency response, including d...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.05.07 | Last Post: Yong Peng 2008.06.03 [ 4 Replies ]

Manchester Buddhist Conference 2008 (England)
Saturday, 7 June 2008 9:30am -4:30pm http://manchesterbuddha2008.googlepages.com/...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.06.01 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Buddhism through the lens (Queensland)
Location: Queensland Performing Arts Centre Address: Corner Melbourne and Grey streets, South Bank Date: Until May 31 Ti...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.05.23 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Free dhamma talks (Malaysia)
Nalanda Dharma Centre http://www.nalanda.org.my/ "Renewing Aspiration on Wesak" - English Talk Date: 18 May 2008 Time...
First Post: Yong Peng 2008.05.13 | Last Post: Yong Peng 2008.05.17 [ 1 Reply ]

Pali Language BBS updated and moved
Hi; The Pali Language Bulletin Board (where the unofficial work on the CST4 dictionary is being done)has been updated an...
First Post: Andy Shaw 2008.04.09 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

佛光山製作 「佛國之旅」 將推出DVD
First Post: 永平 2007.02.25 | Last Post: 永平 2008.02.16 [ 1 Reply ]

CST4 open dictionary supports HTML formatting
Hi; I just found out that the CST4 dictionary file supports HTML formatting in the dictionary entries. This is wonderful...
First Post: Andy Shaw 2008.01.11 | Last Post: Yong Peng 2008.01.13 [ 1 Reply ]

A Pali Bulletin Board experiment
Hello! I've noticed that Pali information is scattered all over the web. It is becoming a bit complex (especially for be...
First Post: Andy Shaw 2008.01.06 | Last Post: Yong Peng 2008.01.08 [ 3 Replies ]

Google Book Search
Preview these books online: In the Buddha's Words: An Anthology of Discourses from the Pāli Canon http://books.google....
First Post: Yong Peng 2007.06.20 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

Tricycle: Found in Translation
Dr. Peter Masefield belongs to that rare breed of scholars who thrive on translating ancient Buddhist texts into English. A...
First Post: Yong Peng 2007.02.23 | No Reply [ Add Reply ]

The Buddhist Scrolls
The transcripts of a 2-part interview with Mark Allon of the University of Sydney on Australia's ABC Radio in March/April 2...
First Post: Yong Peng 2007.01.01 | No Reply [ View ]

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