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ANCL Vesak magazines launched

by RUWINI JAYAWARDANA, Daily News (Sri Lanka), Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The launching ceremonies of the Associated Newspaper Ceylon Ltd's (ANCL) two Vesak magazines Dinamina Vesak Kalapaya and Daily News Buddha Pradeepa took place at the company's premises yesterday. The magazines, published in Sinhala and English, contain a range of articles on Buddhism penned by scholar monks and laity.

Chairman of ANCL Bandula Padmakumara, Board of Directors, General Manager Abhaya Amaradasa, Company Secretary Kumudu Gunawardena and the Editors of the two dailies Mahinda Abeysundara (Dinamina) and Jayatilleke de Silva (Daily News) attended the event. Venerables Aggamaha Panditha Kotugoda Dhammawasa, Mawaralae Baddhiya and Prof. Dhammavihari Theras gave sermons on both magazines.

The Sinhala magazine was edited by Ayanthi Vithana and the English magazine by Sachitra Mahendra. Photographs included in both magazines are by Daily News photographer Saman Sri Wedage. The cover pictures of Daily News Buddha Pradeepa are by Janaka Wettasinghe.

Speaking at the event, Prof. Dhammavihari Thera emphasized the importance of preserving The Buddha's teachings for posterity and observing Sil on Poya days.

"Most of the articles on Internet are erroneously interpreted. We need a method for clear communication," he said.

Commenting on the Vesak magazines, GM Abhaya Amaradasa thanked the management for making the task possible to publish the magazines on a yearly basis. He said that one of the main events of the season is the launch of the magazines to commemorate Vesak.

The Dinamina Vesak Kalapaya was launched for the 77th consecutive year. Dinamina Editor Mahinda Abeyasundara said that it is the second collection of the Dinamina Vesak Kalapaya published under him.

"Bikkhus, lay members and the laity look forward to purchasing the magazine every year. We have noted that religious texts have become extremely popular among the youth," he said.

Daily News editor Jayatilleke de Silva added that the English Vesak annual is still young.

He stressed the importance of sending the magazine to foreign Buddhist Institutes for free to create a global market for next year's product.

source: http://www.dailynews.lk/2009/05/05/news30.asp

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