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Samsara Pulse
1st Pā`ia Obon festival since Lahaina fires dedicated to victims

South Korea
Joint exhibition with the National Museum of Korea, the National Museum of Tokyo, and the National Museum of China

Samsara buzz
Gandhara Art in Xinjiang: A blending of cultures

View of Leshan Giant Buddha, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site

Samsara buzz
Japanese American Buddhist reaches 110 years old

What will be developed at the largest Buddhist site in Southeast Asia, Muarajambi?

Samsara buzz
How Buddhism first carried sugar from India to China (and back again)

Eminent Buddhist scholar Ven. Walpola Kalyanathissa Thero passes away in Geneva

Seven Thai universities present honorary doctorate degree to Bhutan’s King

Samsara buzz
BR Ambedkar: 14 books on his struggle for the dignity of India’s most downtrodden

Samsara buzz
Prince Gautama’s countless faces: On Philip C. Almond’s “The Buddha”

Ancient woodblock printing saved from the chop

South Korea
World`s largest Buddhist encyclopedia completed in Korea

Samsara buzz
Dalai Lama shares message of gratitude as well-wishers celebrate his 89th birthday

Samsara buzz
The beautiful London park that is curiously home to a Buddhist monk

Sri Lankan twins in Paris produce Buddhist song

Samsara buzz
Early ties: Lionel Wendt and George Keyt

Shewaki Stupa: A masterpiece from Kushan Era in heart of Afghanistan

Dr Rashmi Saluja conferred International Buddha Peace Award by Myanmar Embassy

New York Times
A.T. Ariyaratne: A hero in Sri Lanka for helping the poor

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