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OpenOffice.org Basic macro to convert Velthuis to Unicode

by Ong Yong Peng, MEngSc, BE, BSc, MIEEE, MIEAust
22 July, 2006

This OOo Basic macro is free for all to use. Please follow the instructions below to set up and use the macro on your computer.

Disclaimer: This macro has been tested to work on a Windows XP Professional (SP2) system running OpenOffice.org 2.0. It is written specifically for OpenOffice.org Writer, and has not been tested with the rest of the OOo office suite.

Set up the macro.

Step 1: Run OpenOffice.org Writer from the Start menu.

Step 2: Use Tools | Macros | Organise Macros | OpenOffice.org Basic to open the Macros dialog.

Step 3: On the left hand side of the dialog, single click "My Macros". Click the New button on the right to create a new module. Name the module "Velthuis2Unicode". The OOo Basic IDE will open.

Step 4: Copy the code below, and paste it after the last line in the workspace.

It should look like the figure below:

Click for larger image

Step 5: Close the IDE window.

Run the macro.

Step 1: Open a new text document, and type the following: Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammaasambuddhassa. Buddha saasana.m cira.m ti.t.thatu.

Step 2: Select the text, and set the font of it to be a Unicode font.

Step 3: Use Tools | Macros | Run Macro to open the Macro Selector dialog.

Step 4: Under the Library list, double click "My Macros" to expand it. Expand "Standard", and you will find "Velthuis2Unicode" listed below it.

Step 5: Single click "Velthuis2Unicode". Under the Macro name list to the right, select "Velthuis2Unicode", and click the Run button.

External links.

OpenOffice.org: http://www.openoffice.org

Information on Unicode fonts: http://www.alanwood.net/unicode

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammāsambuddhassa.
Buddha sāsana.m cira.m ti.t.thatu.