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updated March 2, 2000

All "thank you" email, improvement ideas and criticisms are welcome! If you would like to use the texts or web pages, please remember that they are copyrighted under the terms of GNU. (Click here to read the copyright information).

If you link to my web pages, I would appreciate a quick email informing me about it.

If you would like me to link to your web pages, send me the link and some text for the description. I will look at it and see if I feel it would be appropriate. I feel it is important to have your privacy policy and copyright policy available from every one of your web pages, but I don't require it.

When you write, please indicate if you wish a reply.

Please do not put me on a group mailing list without my permission.

Please do not send me advertising.

Donations gladly accepted. All offers of public or grant funding will be carefully considered.

If you send email to me, please put the word "peace" as the first word of the subject so that I will know that it is not unsolicited email.

You can write to me in English, German, Italian, French or Spanish. I will reply in English.

If you aren't certain if you should send me an email message, then contact me! And thanks for reading this page carefully.

You can contact me at:

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