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Learning Pali with Input Easy

updated June 19, 2000

Input Easy can make it easy to do "drill and practice" learning exercises for Pali words, phrases and sentences. It can also produce nice "paper and pencil" tests so that you can practice on paper, or when you are not at your computer. (Teachers can use this option for creating tests for their students.)

The key: you can type the Pali words using the tranliteration style of Pali. While you are typing, the correct Pali characters with diacritics will appear instantly.

If you create a Pali learning file, you can share it with other Pali students in your class, your teacher, and with all Pali students in the world by posting it on the Internet.

You MUST have the free font "LeedsBit PaliTranslit" on your computer to use this feature, and then select it as your font for your learning file.

Basic Procedure

1. Open a new file
2. In the Options dialog, select the Pali option, and select the font LeedsBit PaliTranslit.
3. Enter your words, phrases and sentences. You can use the transliteration style, or directly enter the characters for the font using the <Alt>-0999 style of character entry.

There is a lot of information for Pali students and teachers, free fonts, an more on my Pali page at:

Andy's Pali Page

Other features

If you have a text file (.txt) in the transliteration style, you can Import the file into Input Easy. If the Pali option has been activated, you will be asked if you wish to convert the characters automatically to the font.

When you Export a Pali file, you will be asked if you would prefer to have the file written in the transliterated style, or in the font style.

International Users

If your default keyboard is not an English language keyboard, then test the software to see if both the Pali characters and your native language characters display correctly when you type them. If they do not, you MUST activate an English language keyboard after you start the program.

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