What is Special about Input Easy?

It offers a complete set of computerized resources for learners!

updated May 11, 2000

We all know how freeware software works. Input Easy can make it possible for you to create and share your learning files on the Internet - just like programmers now share their programs on the Internet. I call these free learning files made with free software "flearnfiles".

My web pages and software provide learners with a complete package - free software, information about copyrights and a web place to share files. All this on web pages designed to be simple and useful for people around the world - even those people with slow and expensive Internet access.

1. Input Easy is based on a solid theory of learning and method of learning. Even if you never use Input Easy, reading about the theory and method can help you to learn more effectively.

2. If you are currently using any learning software (especially Flash Card software), you can benefit from reading about the theory and the method.

3. Input Easy is a trimmed and optimized learning software. It has no entertainment value at all. It is for people who need to learn (for work or school) and for people who want to learn (hobbies and interests) - as fast as possible. If you are a person like this, then you don't want the colorful and shiny stuff. It is designed by a learner with very high learning needs for other learners with very high learning needs.

4. Input Easy has web page support so you can check out the software very quickly without making any changes to your computer system. You can use the web page based "Screen Shot Mini-Tutorial" and the web page based "Input Easy Screen Shot Simulation". This is an innovative idea that I have never seen on any of the thousands web pages that I have visited over the years. Requesting this high level of support from other software vendors will benefit everyone.

5. Input Easy has 90 pages of documentation and excellent web page support. All documentation can be downloaded, or used selectively on the web pages. The web pages all print exactly as you see them on the screen - on both the American 8 1/2" x 11" paper format, and the international A4 paper format.

6. Input Easy is free. If you make learning files and share them, you don't have to worry about your work helping to increase my "profits". People who wish to use your learning files can have the software Input Easy at no cost.

7. Input Easy makes it easy to "export" the information in a learning file. That way, it is useless for me to even think about making Input Easy a "for money" product. Users of the software could just export all of the data and load it into a different software product.

8. You do not need to know how to type to use Input Easy. "Paper and pencil" method for using each of the learning exercises are clearly explained in the documentation.

9. Input Easy learning files you create can be shared freely at the "The World Free Univarsity". Just like freeware, you can share your learning files.

10. The World Free Univarsity can provide you with useful information about copyrights. It explains how you can protect your learning file from getting stolen or used by someone else to earn money - and still let honest people use them freely.

11. The Input Easy flearnfile concept is complemented by another of my inventions: the merf (mini-reference file as a structured word processor file). This is a type of learning file that requires no special software at all! You can find out more about merfs at the World Free Univarsity.

12. You can post flearnfiles made with any free and open learning software at The World Free Univarsity. "Open" means that any user tailor a learning file to their personal needs by adds, editing, deleting and moving information in the learning file.

13. The strictest privacy policy on the web. No counters, no ads, no techno-gizmos (applets, scripts, cookies, etc.). Just well-organized text and picture based web pages. I have one web page for Input Easy and one web page for "The World Free Univarsity" where sponsors can put their logos and links to their web sites. There is a note at the top of these web pages warning users that they are leaving my "maximum privacy" web page area.

14. Input Easy offers a concept that anyone can use - under the terms of GNU license, of course. A GNU license simply means that you can't take this idea and use it to make a profit. You can read the GNU license on my copyright link below.

Input Easy, The World Free Univarsity and my web pages demonstrate a simple and effective model that could help make flearnfiles widely and freely available.
This would benefit learners and teachers all over the world.

Thanks for your support!

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