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updated May 5, 2000

Hobbies and Interests

Help yourself, and help your hobby friends around the world.

Learning Computer Programming

So ya' wanna be a programmer...

Learning a "foreign" Language

This is a very fun section for students and travelers, with some hints for creating as little chaos as possible while visiting your "home away from home".


Share the work, share the files, have some fun, get great grades and - believe it or not - actually master the material. Use your learning file for a quick review after summer break, and watch what happens to your grades.


Input Easy is great for defining course content and creating paper testing materials.

Tutors and Homeschoolers

Since you are the most open, effective and knowledgeable of the teachers, you are probably already doing something like this. Input Easy may make your vocation a bit easier. It's worth a look.

Adult Training Seminars

2 days, $400, 1920 facts. Give them a learning file to take home with them! The software is free, and the user can tailor the learning file easily.

Not-for-Profit Organizations

Learning files can help your members, be created by your members, and they are great for "fund raising". You own the copyright on your learning files, and the software is free.

Textbook Manufacturers

Use learning files as a way to make your textbooks more valuable to students and teachers.


Remember all 600 customers by name? No problem. Expense report codes? No problem. Input Easy is great for a review after a vacation.


Welcome to our organization! Now, get to work. A learning file about your company can help new employees become effective faster.

University "Note Taking" services

Why just post notes when you can post a fully functional learning and self-testing file?

Online Universities and Schools

Let the students share the work. It will help them to learn, and everyone benefits.

Inter-Fraternity Councils

Teamwork, service, integrity, commitment, honesty, and fun. Nobody has to worry about you using copyrighted material without permission!

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