Web Site Design Notes

updated March 2, 2001

The web pages on this site have been designed to be as simple as possible. If you have any trouble with my web pages, please notify me so that I can look into the matter.

1. There are places in almost every country in the world where computer and Internet access is  difficult and expensive. There are also many different types of computer systems and Internet browsers in the world. My web pages minimize graphics and use simple fonts.

2. Web pages should work well at any screen resolution, with any computer system, and with any browser. My web pages are designed for this.

3. Older computer systems can sometimes only support 3 character filename extensions. All my web pages end with the file extention "htm" instead of the more popular "html" so that older computer systems can save the web pages easily.

4. There is a "Contact Me" link at the bottom of every web page.

5. There is a "Privacy Policy" link at the bottom of every web page.

6. There is a "Copyright" link at the bottom of every web page.

7. Most web browsers still do not have a "Print Preview" function. It may never be supported on the older computers that many people will be using around the world for years to come. All my web pages print well on both 8 1/2" x 11" and A4 format paper. What you see on your computer screen is exactly what will be printed.

8. My web pages are designed to be easy to read at all screen resolutions.

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