Pali Word by Word

Pali Word by Word is our second data depository center (DDC) for a discussion thread of the similar name in the Pali Discussion Group. The objective of the discussion thread is for the group to understand the usage of common Pali words by working on example sentences taken from original Pali texts. This thread focuses on the 1000 most commonly occurred words in the Tipitaka. Sentences from the Tipitaka are used to illustrate how each word is used in the Tipitaka. By working through these sentences, readers get a first-hand feel of what it is like reading the Tipitaka, only this time it is just sentences, not complete passages. Hopefully, this approach will help some readers overcome the fear of reading bulks of text in Pali. It should prepare readers for the real world of Pali literature. All information from the discussion are properly compiled, organized and stored here for easy reference in the future.

Pali Word by Word is still an on-going community project by the group. We encourage you to read the discussion from the group's archive, the compilation work here will usually condense the messages to produce a concise and straight-forward form for future references. We also welcome your participation to share your valuable knowledge and suggestions.

This DDC uses Velthius Encoding system for presenting Pali words. You may read about the system here >> [ read ].

Commencement: Sunday, 16th February, 2003

Click here for the most common term in the Pali canon: ca