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Completed - 13 August 2001

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Aggi-kkhandh-opama sutta.m
fire / mass of / comparison / instruction
The Mass of Fire Comparison

  • aggi - fire.
  • khandha - the body of, a collection of, mass, or parts of.
  • aggikkhandha - mass of fire, (< aggi + khandha with k doubled due to sandhi).
  • upama - like, similar, equal, "coming up or nearly up to" in the names of suttas is sometimes translated as 'the simile of', like 'Vatthupama Sutta: The Simile of the Cloth' (literally vattha + upama "like cloth").

Contributors: Derek Cameron, Dimitry Ivakhnenko, Ong Teng Kee, Piya Tan

Many thanks to all the contributors for making this project a success.

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