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Mahaa-raahul-ovaada sutta.m
great / Rahula / instruction
The Greater Instruction to Rahula

  • mahaa - great, big (nominal case of 'mahant');
  • ovaada - admonishing, instruction, counsel.

Contributors: Ven. Kumara Bhikkhu, Ven. Yanawaro Bhikkhu, Jim Anderson, Derek Cameron, Robert Eddison, Nina van Gorkom, Dimitry Ivakhnenko, John Kelly, Robert Kirkpatrick, Frank Kuan, Paul O'Cuana, Ong Yong Peng, Bill Strider, Suan Lu Zaw, Piya Tan, and many others.

Many thanks to all the contributors for making this project a success. Did I miss out any name? Please let me know, my email is

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