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Pali Scape 巴利界

Pali is the language used in the Tipitaka. It is one of the two primary Indian languages used in the written records of Buddhist literature, the other being Sanskrit.

This section makes heavy use of Pali diacritic fonts, you have to install the fonts in order to view its contents properly. The latest pages are now available in Unicode, but the older pages use the Tipitaka Font. You may download the Tipitaka Font here (instructions included).

PALI: Pali Accelerated Learning Initiative

1. Pali Accelerated Learning Initiative 巴利文速成议程
2. PCD: Pali Concise Dictionary
3. Dictionary: Pali Sprouts
4. The Pali Companion
5. Pali grammatical terms
6. Pali philological texts

Pali Logix Projects

1. Pali Scope! which now includes
(a) Pali Word by Word DDC
2. Pali Scribe (coming soon)
3. Pali Synthesis which now includes
(a) An Elementary Pali Course
(b) A Practical Grammar of the Pali Language
(c) Pali Day by Day DDC

Pali Group's Archive

Andy's Pali Page