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As a nontheistic tradition, Buddhism holds that the ultimate is discovered not in any external agent, but in the innermost heart of the meditator.
Reginald A. Ray
Buddhadharma, Winter 2005
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United Nations Day of Vesak 2020 Message
"Because all living beings are subject to illness, I am ill as well."
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Meditation retreat (Canada)
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PBS: The Story of India (TV)
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Dharma for lesbian, bi and tran women (Washington)
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New year meditation retreats (California)
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Buddhist Art of the Himalayas (Pennsylvania)
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Video presentation (Missouri)
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Online Pali Lexicordance
May 4, 2006 - First word list.
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Classical Pali Text Portal
March 13, 2006 - Detailed listing of Vinaya.
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Dzongzar Kyentse Rinpoche rips the west over hypocritical treatment of Aung San Suu Kyi
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Watch this space for updates on Pali Data Architecture (PDA).
May 10, 2009
The Scripts
A quick introduction to the various scripts Pali students are familiar with.
Sights and Sounds: Myanmar

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Sutta Nipata
Verses for thudong-faring
February 22, 2009
Kamada Sutta
Kamada's lament

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