Input Easy

Screen Shot Mini-Tutorial - A Very Quick Start!

updated: May 10, 2000

There are several screen shots on this page. Scroll down the page to see them all.
This is a graphics intensive screen.

These screen shots show what it is like when you have an existing learning file.

Here we go...

This is the first screen that you will see when you start the program...

After you press the button "Open Last File Used" above,
you will see the general information screen...


Now that I am certain that I am using the correct file,
I press the "Work with Chapters" button above.

 Now I see the list of learning file sections...

Today, I want to check some facts in a section.
To do this, I press the "Add/Edit Facts in Chapter" button above.

Now I see a list of facts for this section...

I press the "Done" button and see once again the list of sections
in this learning file...

Finally, after doing the Learn and Review exercises I am ready to test.
I press the "CPL Test" button and see...

When I am finished, I press the "Done" button.
This takes me back to the list of sections screen...

I am finished my learning, so I press the "Done" button.
This takes me back to the learning file overview screen.

I check my learning status of NS Facts Mastered, NS Facts to Master
and then press the "Done" button.

This takes me back to the very first screen...

When I press the "Done - Exit Program" button
my file will be saved automatically. No more "save" clicks!

This is just a mini-overview to give you an idea
about the program. None of the more powerful features
have been shown.

If you will be using the program for the very first time, you should
use the Quick Start Kit on the Input Easy Home Page.
This is an innovative and optimized program, not "standard stuff".
The Quick Start Kit introduces most of the more interesting features.