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a theory, a method, a software.

Est. March 24, 2000 - updated March 2, 2001


    The free general-purpose learning software Input Easy is designed to help students, teachers, tutors, administrators, hired "note takers", people creating online universities, parents, homeschoolers, and business people who need to work with a lot of facts.

    This is not "just another Flash Card program". Here is What is Special about Input Easy.

    Input Easy is a general-purpose learning software. You can use it to learn about anything.

    You do not need to know how to type to use the software. The "paper and pencil" methods are explained in the documentation.

    There is a version for Windows 3.1 / 3.11, and for Windows 95 / 98. Both can be downloaded from the bottom of this web page.

    The download files for the documentation (90 pages) and programs are tiny (less than 300K).


The best way to get a quick screen-for-screen overview of Input Easy is this:

Screen Shot Mini-Tutorial

To see a screen-by-screen simulation of what it is like to use the program for the first time, you can use the:

Input Easy Screen Shot Simulation

These are just pictures of the Input Easy screens, with an explanation for each screen that simulates exactly what will happen the first time you use Input Easy. To protect your privacy and the security of your computer, there are no applets, programs, scripts or anything else used.
These are just pictures and text. Use this to decide if Input Easy can help you!

Quick Start Kit

Use this kit to find get started, and learn about many of the interesting features of the program, including the "paper and pencil" ways to use Input Easy.


Suggested Activity

What you learn

Using Input Easy

scan quickly for ideas

Who Input Easy can Help


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Why I wrote Input Easy


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How Input Easy can Help You

Technical Notes

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Important Notes and Tips

Program Basics

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More notes and reminders

Quick Start Tutorial

print, then start program

Basic and Advanced features

The Pali Language

Learning Pali with Input Easy

If you wish to use Input Easy to learn the Pali language, you should definitely read this.

Online Documentation

Table of Contents

This is the most up-to-date version of the documentation. If you download the word processor file and the information you need isn't there, please check this online documentation.

All 90 pages of the documentation have been reformatted, restructured and are available as web pages. You can read and print as much or as little as you wish. There are also screen shots for every screen in the reference section

The documentation provides a "Quick Start" tutorial, a "Program Reference" section, and explains the theory and method of learning that Input Easy automates. You may find the documentation interesting (even if you don't use the software).

Download Input Easy Documentation as a Word Processor File

You can also download the entire 90 pages of documentation in word processor format. The documentation will work with any word processor (.rtf format). It is "zipped". Download the file, unzip it, and open with your word processor. Estimated download time at 28.800 is 30 seconds.

You own the Learning Files You Create

    If you create a unique learning file using the Input Easy software, you own the copyright on that learning file. If you wish to keep the copyrights, all you have to do is indicate this in the "File/Book Description".

    You can sell, trade, or donate your work and still keep the copyright. For instance, I use the GNU copyright on all of my web pages and learning files to keep people from using my work out of context.

    If you wish to make materials available for free on the Internet, you can protect them with a free GNU license agreement

    If you create a learning file that you wish to share with other people for free, you can post a link to your file at my new The World Free Univarsity

    Whenever you make a learning file, it is a good idea to put a version number on it!

Get the Software

    Note: The file downloads in 3 minutes at 28.800 baud and it is "zipped". There is  no "installation". Just download the file to a directory, unzip the file, then double-click on the program to start it. To remove the program, just delete it.

    I highly recommend you use the Quick Start Kit listed above before you start the program.

Computer System

Download link

Known Bugs

Windows 95 and above

This version includes the software and the entire documentation.

Download version 1.3

32-bit version: The bitmaps will display twice when using large bitmaps in learning files.