Sutta Translation

In this project, we strive to translate suttas from the Pali Tipitaka with elegance, clarity and accuracy. It is in our best interest they reflect the importance and relevance of Buddha's message in our time. These words of wisdom and compassion, we hope, are able to warm the hearts and enlighten the minds of many as they did in the last twenty five centuries.

The work of translation is by no means an easy one. However, it is a task we will diligently undertake to accomplish. We provide a full word list for every sutta we translate to share the precious moments of delight and joy in getting each word correct. By doing so, we take you through the translation process word by word, and sentence by sentence instead of you having to reinvent the wheel. These have proven to be valuable assets to students of the Tipitaka and Pali language. We hope you enjoy this active learning approach. Should you have any comments, kindly forward it to the Pali discussion group. Thank you.

Majjhima Nikaya Collection of Middle Length Discourses

MN62: Maharahulovada Sutta [ Completed ]

Anguttara Nikaya Collection of Numerically Grouped Discourses

AN07-068: Aggikkhandopama Sutta - The Mass of Fire Comparison [ Completed ]

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