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The entire set of past Pāḷi materials is still available here.

Welcome to Pali Synthesis.

On the shelves:

This section aims to offer students a wide range of reading materials for the learning of the Pāli language. You will find textbooks, grammars and references catering to the needs of different levels. These materials are offered in the spirit of dana (generosity). You are welcomed to use and distribute them freely.

In the solutions:

This section contains solutions to Pāli textbooks. The solutions are compilations from discussions on the Pali Collective mailing list. The primary objective of the discussions is for the group to work through Pāli textbooks together, and help each other in understanding the subject and solving the problems in the books. This particular discussion thread runs in series (A, B, C, D...). This section collects and compiles the answers for the exercises in the books, as well as any other useful information relevant to these exercises.

Series A: Pāḷi Primer
Series B: A New Course in Learning Pāḷi
Series C: Introduction to Pāḷi (Trilinear translation)
Series D: An Elementary Pāḷi Course
Series E: The New Pāḷi Course Part I
Series F: Introduction to Pāḷi (Detailed grammatical analysis)
Series G: The New Pāḷi Course Part II

Also available:

Sample text from Introduction to Pāḷi

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