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updated June 19, 2000

The online version of the documentation will be updated as needed. Every web page has a date on it indicating when it was last updated. If you print out sections for reference, you will easily be able to see later if the documentation has since been updated. Sections will be added as needed.

All of the pages are formatted so that they will display well and be easy to read at any screen resolution. Secondly, the web pages will print exactly as you see them on the screen.

Table of Contents


Introduction to the product and a list of product benefits

Input Easy Version 1.3

Program documentation. Includes a Quick Start Tutorial and screen-by-screen reference section

Using Input Easy

Some examples of ways that students, teachers, tutors, parents, homeschoolers and many others can use the software

The Theory and Method

Explains my theory of learning (ATOL) and my method of learning (CPL). These are implemented in the software Input Easy

General Learning Hints

Ideas and hints from other people

The World Free Univarsity

A web place to find resources for creating, sharing and finding learning files and other learning resources. I started it on April 2, 2000. A good example of how an efree university can work.

Funding Request

I would like to keep this project "free". Very little funding could create a tremendous amount of value.

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