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Paali Primer

Exercise 3

Translate into English

1. Buddho saavakehi saddhi.m vihaara.m gacchati.
Buddha / [with] disciples / with / [to] monastery / goes
The Buddha goes to the monastery with [his] disciples.

2. Puriso puttena saha diipa.m dhaavati.
man / [with] son / with / [to] island / runs
The man runs to the island with [his] son.

3. Kassako sarena sigaala.m vijjhati.
farmer / [with] arrow / jackal / shoots
The farmer shoots the jackal with (an) arrow.

4. Braahma.naa maatulena saha pabbata.m aaruhanti.
brahmins / [with] uncle / with / mountain / climb
Brahmins climb the mountain with uncle.

5. Puttaa paadehi kukkure paharanti.
sons / [with] feet / dogs / hit
- Sons hit the dogs with feet.
- Sons kick the dogs.

6. Maatulo puttehi saddhi.m rathena gaama.m aagacchati.
uncle / [with] sons / with / by chariot / [to] village / comes
The uncle comes to the village with [his] sons by a chariot.

7. Kumaaraa hatthehi patte aaharanti.
boys / [by the means of] hands / bowls / bring
Boys bring the bowls by hands.

8. Coro maggena assa.m harati.
thief / [by the means of] road / horse / takes away
The thief takes away the horse along the road.

9. Kassako aavaa.ta.m oruhati.
farmer / [to] pit / descends
- The farmer descends to the pit.
- The farmer gets down to the pit.

10. Bhuupaalaa pa.n.ditehi saha sama.ne passanti.
kings / [with] wise men / with / monks / see
Kings, [together] with the wise men, see the monks.

11. Pa.n.dito bhuupaalena saha Tathaagata.m vandati.
wise man / [with] king / with / Buddha / worships
The wise man, [together] with the king, worships the Buddha.

12. Puttaa sahaayena saddhi.m odana.m bhu~njanti.
sons / [with] friend / with / rice / eat
Sons eat rice with [a] friend.

13. Vaa.nijo paasaa.nena miga.m paharati.
merchant / [with] stone / deer / hits
The merchant hits [a] deer with [a] stone.

14. Sunakhaa paadehi aavaa.te kha.nanti.
dogs / [with] feet / pits / dig
Dogs dig pits with [their] feet.

15. Braahma.no puttena saha suriya.m vandati.
brahmin / [with] son / with / sun / worships
The brahmin, [together] with [his] son, worships the sun.

16. Kassako so.nehi saddhi.m rukkhe rakkhati.
farmer / [with] dogs / with / trees / protects
The farmer protects trees with dogs.

17. Sugato saavakehi saha vihaara.m aagacchati.
Buddha / [with] disciples / with / [to] monastery / comes
Buddha comes to the monastery with [his] disciples.

18. Yaacako pattena bhatta.m aaharati.
beggar / [by the means of] bowl / rice / brings
The beggar brings rice in [a] bowl.

19. Pa.n.ditaa sagga.m gacchanti.
wise men / heaven / go
Wise men go to heaven.

20. Kumaaraa assehi saddhi.m gaama.m dhaavanti.
boys / [with] horses / with / [to] village / run
Boys run to the village with horses.

21. Coro khaggena nara.m paharati.
thief / [by the means of] sword / man / hits
The thief hits the man with [a] sword.

22. Vaa.nijo saka.tena diipe aaharati.
merchant / [by the means of] cart / lamps / brings
The merchant brings lamps by [a] cart.

23. Assaa maggena dhaavanti.
horses / [by the means of] path / run
- Horses run through the path/road.
- Horses run along the path/road.

24. Sigaalaa migehi saddhi.m pabbata.m dhaavanti.
jackals / [with] deer / with / [to] mountain / run
Jackals run to the mountain with deer.

25. Bhuupaalo pa.n.ditena saha manusse rakkhati.
king / [with] wise man / with / people / protects
The king, [together] with [a] wise man, protects the people.

Translate into Paali

1. The recluse sees the Buddha with his friend.
sama.no / passati / Buddha.m / mittena saha
Sama.no mittena saha Buddha.m passati.

2. Disciples go to the monastery with the Buddha.
saavakaa / gacchanti / vihara.m / Buddhena saha
Saavakaa Buddhena saha vihara.m gacchanti.

3. The horse runs to the mountain with the dogs.
asso / dhaavati / pabbata.m / kukkurehi saddhi.m
Asso kukkurehi saddhi.m pabbata.m dhaavati.

4. The boy hits the lamp with a stone.
kumaaro / paharati / diipa.m / paasaa.nena
Kumaaro paasaa.nena diipa.m paharati.

5. Merchants shoot deer with arrows.
vaa.nijaa / vijjhanti / mige / sarehi
Vaa.nijaa sarehi mige vijjhanti.

6. Farmers dig pits with their hands.
kassakaa / kha.nanti / aavaa.te / hatthehi
Kassakaa hatthehi aavaa.te kha.nanti.

7. Boys go to the monastery by chariot with their uncle.
kumaaraa / gacchanti / vihaara.m / rathena / maatulena saha
Kumaaraa maatulena saha rathena vihaara.m gacchanti.

8. The brahmin cooks rice with his friend.
braahma.no / pacati / bhatta.m / mittena saha
Braahma.no mittena saha bhatta.m pacati.

9. The king protects the island with wise men.
bhuupaalo / rakkhati / diipa.m / pa.n.ditehi saha
Bhuupaalo pa.n.ditehi saha diipa.m rakkhati.

10. Kings worship monks with their sons.
bhuupaalaa / vandanti / sama.ne / puttehi saha
Bhuupaalaa puttehi saha sama.ne vandanti.

11. Thieves bring horses to the island.
coraa / aaharanti / asse / diipa.m
Coraa asse diipa.m aaharanti.

12. Disciples climb mountains with men.
saavakaa / aaruhanti / pabbate / narehi saha
Saavakaa narehi saha pabbate aaruhanti.

13. Merchants cut trees with farmers.
vaa.nijaa / chindanti / rukkhe / kassakehi saha
Vaa.nijaa kassakehi saha rukkhe chindanti.

14. The beggar digs a pit with a friend.
yaacako / kha.nati / aavaa.ta.m / mittena saha
Yaacako mittena saha aavaa.ta.m kha.nati.

15. The brahmin sees the moon with his uncles.
braahma.no / passati / canda.m / maatulehi saha
Braahma.no maatulehi saha canda.m passati.

16. The thief hits the horse with a sword.
coro / paharati / assa.m / khaggena
Coro khaggena assa.m paharati.

17. The son brings rice in a bowl.
putto / aaharati / odana.m / pattena
Putto pattena odana.m aaharati.

18. Boys run to the mountain with their dogs.
kumaaraa / dhaavanti / pabbata.m / kukkurehi saddhi.m
Kumaaraa kukkurehi saddhi.m pabbata.m dhaavanti.

19. Merchants come to the village by carts with farmers.
vaa.nijaa / aagacchanti / gaama.m / saka.tehi / kassakehi saha
Vaa.nijaa kassakehi saha saka.tehi gaama.m aagacchanti.

20. Uncles come to the monastery by chariots with their sons.
maatulaa / aagacchanti / vihaara.m / rathehi / puttehi saha
Maatulaa puttehi saha rathehi vihaara.m aagacchanti.

21. Jackals run to the mountain along the road.
sigaalaa / dhaavanti / pabbata.m / maggena
Sigaalaa maggena pabbata.m dhaavanti.

22. Dogs dig pits with their feet.
kukkuraa / kha.nanti / aavaa.te / paadehi
Kukkuraa paadehi aavaa.te kha.nanti.

23. The man carries a saw in his hand.
naro / harati / kakaca.m / hatthena
Naro hatthena kakaca.m harati.

24. Recluses go to heaven.
sama.naa / gacchanti / sagga.m
Sama.naa sagga.m gacchanti.

25. The Buddha comes to the village with his disciples.
Buddho / aagacchati / gaama.m / saavakehi saddhi.m
Buddho saavakehi saddhi.m gaama.m aagacchati.


1. The words 'saha' and 'saddhi.m' are indeclinables. They are used only to express the meaning of accompaniment. One exception is when "talking" or "discussing" with a person, there is no need for 'saha' and 'saddhi.m'. [See Warder's Lesson 8 for more details.]