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The New Pāli Course Book 1
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Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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Part 7
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Part 9
Part 10
Vocabulary: Pali-English
Vocabulary: English-Pali
For free distribution, as a gift of Dhamma.

The New Pali Course Book 1

Table of Contents

  1. Alphabet, Pronunciation, Parts of Speech, Declension, Conjugation
    The Alphabet
    Parts of Speech
    Gender, Number and Case
    Declension of Nouns
    Conjugation of Verbs
    Conjugation of the Root "Paca"
  2. More conjugations, Masculine nouns, Past Tense
    Different Conjugations
    The Seventh Conjugation
    Masculine Stems Ending in i
    Past Tense
  3. Personal pronouns, Future Tense, Masculine nouns in ii and u
    Personal Pronouns
    Future Tense
    Masculine Nouns Ending in ii
    Masculine Nouns Ending in u
  4. Adjectival nouns, Masculine nouns in uu, Adverbs of time, Feminine nouns, Imperative mood, Optative mood, Indeclinable Past Participle
    Adjectival Nouns Ending in u
    Masculine Nouns Ending in uu
    Adverbs of Time
    Declension of Feminine Nouns
    The Imperative
    The Optative or Potential
    Feminine Stems Ending in i
    Feminine Stems Ending in ii
    Indeclinable Past Participle
  5. Feminine nouns in u, Adverbs of place, Neuter nouns, Infinitive
    Feminine Nouns Ending in u
    Adverbs of Place
    Neuter Gender
    The Infinitive
    Neuter Nouns Ending in i
    Neuter Nouns Ending in u
    Some More Particles
  6. Classification of nouns, Pronouns, Pronominal adjectives, Present participles
    Classification of Nouns
    Adjectives (Pronominal)
    The Demonstrative Pronoun "Ta"
    The Demonstrative Pronoun "Ima"
    The Verbal Adjectives or Participles
    The Present Participle
  7. Past participles, Usage of -to, Adjectives
    Past Participles
    "To" in the Sense of Ablative
  8. Numerals: Cardinal, Ordinal
    Declension of Numerals
    Ordinal Numerals
  9. Adverbs, Syntax, Concord
    Order of a Sentence
    How to Enlarge and Analyse a Sentence
  10. Passive voice, Passive participles, Causative
    Passive Voice
    Passive Participles
    Causal or Causative Verbs