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Hasten to do good;
restrain your mind from evil.
He who is slow in doing good,
his mind delights in evil.
Dhammapada 116
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Fonts Display

Sutta Spectra! is a multilingual website. It contains text in various Asian and Roman scripts. To view these text properly, you will need at least a web browser which support Unicode. We also use non-Unicode fonts to display certain scripts not yet common in Unicode fonts. More information is provided in the next two sections.

Unicode Support Requirement

You require a web browser which support Unicode to view the minimum set of scripts, as listed:

  1. Pali in Roman script Pāḷi
  2. Chinese (Simplified) 中文简体
  3. Chinese (Traditional) 中文繁體
  4. Japanese 日本語
  5. Korean 한국어
  6. Thai ภาษาไทย
  7. Vietnamese tiếng Việt

You also need a Unicode font which include all the above scripts.

Non-Unicode Fonts

A setback for us is that most of the freely available Unicode fonts do not contain some of the scripts we are using. A more convenient way is for us to use non-Unicode fonts. The disadvantage is that these fonts are only available for Windows systems. If you are using a non-Windows system, you will not be able to view some of the texts properly.

  1. Burmese: If you have CSCD installed on your system, you already has the font we are using. If not, simply click here to download the VRI Myanmar CB font [32KB].
  2. Sinhala: To view Sinhala text, you will need to install the Tipitaka_Sinhala1 font from Metta Network.

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