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The Blessed One is an arahant, perfectly enlightened, accomplished in true knowledge and conduct, fortunate, knower of the world, unsurpassed leader of persons to be tamed, teacher of devas and humans, the Enlightened One, the Blessed One.
Anguttara Nikaya 6:10
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Samyutta Nikaya
[B] ¹nXgMôQe¥akXa
[C] ixhq;a;ksldfhd
[S] สํยุตฺตนิกายสฺส
[U] Saṃyutta Nikaya
[V] Sa.myutta Nikaya
[de] Die Gruppierte Sammlung
[en] The Grouped Collection
[fr] Les Discours Groupés ou Connectés
[ja] 相応部
[ko] 상응부
[si] ixhq;a; ksldh
[th] สังยุตตนิกาย
[vi] Tương Ưng Bộ
[zh] 相應部
[zh-tw] 相应部

Sa.myutta Nikaya :: Collection of Thematically Grouped Discourses

List of Sa.myuttas (Themes/Topics)

I. Sagaathaa Vagga

  1. Devataa Sa.myutta
  2. Devaputta Sa.myutta
  3. Kosala Sa.myutta
  4. Maara Sa.myutta
  5. Bhikkhunii Sa.myutta
  6. Brahma Sa.myutta
  7. Braahma.na Sa.myutta
  8. Va`ngiisa Sa.myutta
  9. Vana Sa.myutta
  10. Yakkha Sa.myutta
  11. Sakka Sa.myutta

II. Nidaana Vagga

  1. Nidaana Sa.myutta
  2. Abhisamaya Sa.myutta
  3. Dhaatu Sa.myutta
  4. Anamatagga Sa.myutta
  5. Kassapa Sa.myutta
  6. Laabhasakkaara Sa.myutta
  7. Raahula Sa.myutta
  8. Lakkha.na Sa.myutta
  9. Opamma Sa.myutta
  10. Bhikkhu Sa.myutta

III. Khandha Vagga

  1. Khandha Sa.myutta
  2. Raadha Sa.myutta
  3. Di.t.thi Sa.myutta
  4. Okkanta Sa.myutta
  5. Uppaada Sa.myutta
  6. Kilesa Sa.myutta
  7. Saariputta Sa.myutta
  8. Naaga Sa.myutta
  9. Supa.n.na Sa.myutta
  10. Gandhabbakaaya Sa.myutta
  11. Valaahaka Sa.myutta
  12. Vacchagotta Sa.myutta
  13. Jhaana Sa.myutta

IV. Sa.laayatana Vagga

  1. Sa.laayatana Sa.myutta
  2. Vedanaa Sa.myutta
  3. Maatugaama Sa.myutta
  4. Jambukhaadaka Sa.myutta
  5. Saama.n.daka Sa.myutta
  6. Moggallaana Sa.myutta
  7. Citta Sa.myutta
  8. Gaama.ni Sa.myutta
  9. Asa`nkhata Sa.myutta
  10. Abyaakata Sa.myutta

V. Mahaa Vagga

  1. Magga Sa.myutta
  2. Bojjha`nga Sa.myutta
  3. Satipa.t.thaana Sa.myutta
  4. Indriya Sa.myutta
  5. Sammappadhaana Sa.myutta
  6. Bala Sa.myutta
  7. Iddhipaada Sa.myutta
  8. Anuruddha Sa.myutta
  9. Jhaana Sa.myutta
  10. Aanaapaana Sa.myutta
  11. Sotaapatti Sa.myutta
  12. Sacca Sa.myutta