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Devoted to the Dhamma,
finding delight and meditating on the Dhamma;
bearing in mind the Dhamma,
a monk does not fall away from the good teachings.
Dhammapada 364
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Jambukhaadaka Sa.myutta

List of Suttas (Discourses/Sermons)

  1. Nibbaabapa~nhaa Sutta
  2. Arahattapa~nhaa Sutta
  3. Dhammavaadiipa~nhaa Sutta
  4. Kimatthiya Sutta
  5. Assaasappatta Sutta
  6. Paramassaasappatta Sutta
  7. Vedanaapa~nhaa Sutta
  8. Aasavapa~nhaa Sutta
  9. Avijjaapa~nhaa Sutta
  10. Ta.nhaapa~nhaa Sutta
  11. Oghapa~nhaa Sutta
  12. Upaadaanapa~nhaa Sutta
  13. Bhavapa~nhaa Sutta
  14. Dukkhapa~nhaa Sutta
  15. Sakkaayapa~nhaa Sutta
  16. Dukkarapa~nhaa Sutta