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Well done is that action of doing
which one repents not later,
and the fruit of which,
one reaps with delight and happiness.
Dhammapada 68
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Sonadanda Sutta

[U] So.nada.nda Sutta
[V] Soṇadaṇda Sutta

About Sonadanda Sutta


The Sonadanda Sutta is the fourth sutta in the Digha Nikaya. This sutta deals with the essential quality which truly makes a man a Brahmin. In this sutta, we see how the theory of Brahmin supremacy was intellectually indefensible. It was inconsistent even with the ethical standard of that time, which the brahmins and the rest of the people fully accepted. Instead, the Buddha adopted the word as a title of honour.


The discourse was delivered at Campa.




Buddha to Sonadanda.

Pali Texts Online

[de] Über Sonadanda

[en] To Sonadanda

English titles for this sutta include Characteristics of the True Brahman (T. W. Rhys Davids) and The Qualities of A True Brahmin (Maurice Walshe).

[id] Sonadanda Sutta

[ja] 種徳経

[kr] 종덕경

[pt] As Qualidades de um Verdadeiro Brâmane

[si] fidaKoKav iQ;1h

[vi] Kinh Sonadanda (Chủng Ðức)


此经相等于中译长阿含经卷二十二之种德经。其内容主要记述佛陀度化种德婆罗门,以描述婆罗门归依之心理,甚是意味深长。同时,此经也记 载了六族奉佛的传说,六族是:释迦、俱利、冥宁、跋耆、末罗、酥摩。

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