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He who does not strike nor makes others strike,
who robs not nor makes others rob,
sharing love with all that live,
finds enmity with none.
Itivuttaka 22
Vinaya Piṭaka
Sutta Piṭaka
Abhidhamma Piṭaka
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Vacchagotta Sa.myutta

List of Suttas (Discourses/Sermons)

  1. Ruupa-a~n~naa.na Sutta
  2. Vedanaa-a~n~naa.na Sutta
  3. Sa~n~naa-a~n~naa.na Sutta
  4. Sa`nkhaara-a~n~naa.na Sutta
  5. Vi~n~naa.na-a~n~naa.na Sutta
  6. Ruupa-adassanaadi Suttapa~ncaka.m
  7. Ruupa-anabhisamayaadi Suttapa~ncaka.m
  8. Ruupa-ananubodhaadi Suttapa~ncaka.m
  9. Ruupa-appa.tivedhaadi Suttapa~ncaka.m
  10. Ruupa-asallakkha.naadi Suttapa~ncaka.m
  11. Ruupa-anupalakkha.naadi Suttapa~ncaka.m
  12. Ruupa-appaccupalakkha.naadi Suttapa~ncaka.m
  13. Ruupa-asamapekkha.naadi Suttapa~ncaka.m
  14. Ruupa-appaccupekkha.naadi Suttapa~ncaka.m
  15. Ruupa-appaccakkhakammaadi Suttacatukka.m
  16. Vi~n~naa.na-appaccakkhakamma Sutta