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For free distribution, as a gift of Dhamma.

The New Pali Course Book 1

By Prof. A. P. Buddhadatta, Maha Nayaka Thera

Seventh Edition
(Published by Singapore Buddhist Meditation Centre, 1998)


By Dr. G. P. Malalasekara
University College, Colombo

I consider it a great honour that I should have been asked to write this foreword. The eminence of Rev. A. P. Buddhadatta Thera as a scholar is far too well-known in Ceylon and elsewhere for his work to need any commendation from others. His books, particularly the Paalibhaashaavatara.na, have for many years now been a great boon to students of Pali. The fact that they are written in Sinhalese has, however, restricted their use only to those acquainted with the language. Rev. Buddhadatta has by this present publication removed that disability. As a teacher of Pali, chiefly through the medium of English, I welcome this book with great cordiality for it would considerably lighten my labours. It fulfils a great need and I wish it success with all my heart. I would also congratulate the publishers on their enterprise in a new field.

G. P. Malalasekara.

University College, Colombo.
17th June, 1937.